Friday, 1 June 2012

Mugs and more

Mug sales going very well! Though so far no one has take up the dropshipping option, which is a surprise. Not complaining, as a few people have shown an interest in ordering mugs by the box (36!!!), just that dropshipping is an affordable, easy, and risk free option that I honestly though would have people biting my hand off!

But I digress. Having got the hang of the mug printing, I've been trying various other substrates. First was iphone covers. These are amazing! They look great and of course, today's yoof like to be unique, so hopefully when the word spreads these will be a big hit.

As a first experiment I used an image of Fat Kitty from The Nosuch Disco

Next I tried a fabric, and with Father's Day just round the corner, thought of wallets:

Next up will be coasters and polo shirts, as soon as the postman arrives! Remember any of these items can be customised with your own images - great gifts!


  1. Really admire all your ideas and enthusiasm. You and the nosuch disco are a force to be reckoned with. I would certainly consider using your printing services if I ever produce any art worth reproducing:)
    Have you seen that Zingy has a facebook page? Someone is advertising their keyrings there, perhaps you could put your mugs there as well. Or I suppose since you seem to be ahead of the game, that could be you anyway:)

    1. Thanks Liz:) Actually Zingy has more than one Facebook page - and yes, I've hijacked them already lol!

  2. Have to admit the iPhone covers intrigue me good is the print in person? And can you do other phone covers? I'd be tempted when I start pushing my images into my work ...

    Katie x

  3. At the moment I haven't quite cracked the colour - they look slightly paler than the originals, but that's me and not the item quality. Need to keep fiddling with the various variables in the software and the machinery and the technique. But I have seen covers others have made and they're great, so it won't be an issue.
    Devices I can do: iphone 4, ipad2, ipod touch 4, galaxy note, galaxy S2, Blackberry 9900. Think there are others too but can;t find my list!